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An organization has created a policy that defines the types of web sites that users are forbidden to
access. What is the MOST effective technology to enforce this policy?

Stateful inspection firewall

Web content filter

Web cache server

Proxy server

A web content filter accepts or denies web communications according to the configured rules. To
help the administrator properly configure the tool, organizations and vendors have made available
URL blacklists and classifications for millions of web sites. A stateful inspection firewall is of little
help in filtering web traffic since it does not review the content of the web site nor does it take into
consideration the sites classification. A web cache server is designed to improve the speed of
retrieving the most common or recently visited web pages. A proxy server is incorrect because a
proxy server is a server which services the request of its clients by forwarding requests to other
servers. Many people incorrectly use proxy server as a synonym of web proxy server even though
not all web proxy servers have content filtering capabilities.

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