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Which of the following biometrics has the highest reliability and lowest false-acceptance rate (FAR)?

Palm scan

Face recognition

Retina scan

Hand geometry

Retina scan uses optical technology to map the capillary pattern of an eye’s retinA. This is highly
reliable and has the lowest false-acceptance rate (FAR) among the current biometric methods. Use
of palm scanning entails placing a hand on a scannerwhere a palm’s physical characteristics are
captured. Hand geometry, one of the oldest techniques, measures the physical characteristics of
the user’s hands and fingers from a three dimensional perspective. The palm and hand biometric
techniques lackuniqueness in the geometry datA. In face biometrics, a reader analyzes the images
captured for general facial characteristics. Though considered a natural and friendly biometric, the
main disadvantage of face recognition is the lack of uniqueness, which means that people looking
alike can fool the device.

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