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An IS auditor has audited a business continuity plan (BCP). Which of the following findings is the
MOST critical?

Nonavailability of an alternate private branch exchange (PBX) system

Absence of a backup for the network backbone

Lack of backup systems for the users’ PCs

Failure of the access card system

Failure of a network backbone will result in the failure of the complete network and impact the ability
of all users to access information on the network. The nonavailability of an alternate PBX system
will result in users not being able to make or receive telephone calls or faxes; however, users may
have alternate means of communication, such as a mobile phone or e-mail. Lack of backup
systems for user PCs will impact only the specific users, not all users. Failure of the access card
system impacts the ability to maintain records of the users who are entering the specified work
areas; however, this could be mitigated by manual monitoring controls.

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