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Which of the following findings should an IS auditor be MOST concerned about when performing
an audit of backup and recovery and the offsite storage vault?

There are three individuals with a key to enter the area.

Paper documents are also stored in the offsite vault.

Data files that are stored in the vault are synchronized.

The offsite vault is located in a separate facility.

Choice A is incorrect because more than one person would typically need to have a key to the vault
to ensure that individuals responsible for the offsite vault can take vacations and rotate duties.
Choice B is not correct because an IS auditor would not be concerned with whether paper
documents are stored in the offsite vault. In fact, paper documents, such as procedural documents
and a copy of the contingency plan, would most likely be stored in the offsite vault, and the location
of the vault is important, but not as important as the files being synchronized.

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