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Which of the following is a continuity plan test that uses actual resources to simulate a system
crash to cost-effectively obtain evidence about the plan’s effectiveness?

Paper test

Post test

Preparedness test


A preparedness test is a localized version of a full test, wherein resources are expended in the
simulation of a system crash. This test is performed regularly on different aspects of the plan and
can be a cost-effective way to gradually obtain evidence about the plan’s effectiveness. It also
provides a means to improve the plan in increments. A paper test is a walkthrough of the plan,
involving major players, who attempt to determine what might happen in a particular type of service
disruption in the plan’s execution. A paper test usually precedes the preparedness test. A post-test
is actually a test phase and is comprised of a group of activities, such as returning all resources to
their proper place, disconnecting equipment, returning personnel and deleting all company data
from third- party systems. A walkthrough is a test involving a simulated disaster situation that tests
the preparedness and understanding of management and staff, rather than the actual resources.

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