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A large chain of shops with electronic funds transfer (EFT) at point-of-sale devices has a central
communications processor for connecting to the banking network. Which of the following is the
BEST disaster recovery plan for the communications processor?

Offsite storage of daily backups

Alternative standby processor onsite

installation of duplex communication links

Alternative standby processor at another network node

Having an alternative standby processor at another network node would be the best solution. The
unavailability of the central communications processor would disrupt all access to the banking
network, resulting in the disruption of operations for allof the shops. This could be caused by failure
of equipment, power or communications. Offsite storage of backups would not help, since EFT
tends to be an online process and offsite storage will not replace the dysfunctional processor. The
provision ofan alternate processor onsite would be fine if it were an equipment problem, but would
not help in the case of a power outage, installation of duplex communication links would be most
appropriate if it were only the communication link that failed.

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