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Which of the following methods of suppressing a fire in a data center is the MOST effective and
environmentally friendly?


Wet-pipe sprinklers

Dry-pipe sprinklers

Carbon dioxide gas

Water sprinklers, with an automatic power shutoff system, are accepted as efficient because they
can be set to automatic release without threat to life, and water is environmentally friendly.
Sprinklers must be dry-pipe to prevent the risk of leakage. Halon is efficient and effective as it does
not threaten human life and, therefore, can be set to automatic release, but it is environmentally
damaging and very expensive. Water is an acceptable medium but the pipes should be empty to
avoid leakage, so a full system is not a viable option. Carbon dioxide is accepted as an
environmentally acceptable gas, but it is less efficient because it cannot be set to automatic release
in a staffed site since it threatens life.

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