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Which of the following should an IS auditor recommend to BEST enforce alignment of an IT project
portfolio with strategic organizational priorities?

Define a balanced scorecard (BSC) for measuring performance

Consider user satisfaction in the key performance indicators (KPIs)

Select projects according to business benefits and risks

Modify the yearly process of defining the project portfolio

Prioritization of projects on the basis of their expected benefit(s) to business, and the related risks,
is the best measure for achieving alignment of the project portfolio to an organization’s strategic
priorities. Modifying the yearly process of the projects portfolio definition might improve the situation,
but only if the portfolio definition process is currently not tied to the definition of corporate strategies;
however, this is unlikely since the difficulties are in maintaining the alignment, and not in setting it
up initially. Measures such as balanced scorecard (BSC) and key performance indicators (KPIs)
are helpful, but they do not guarantee that the projects are aligned with business strategy.

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