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An IS auditor is reviewing a project that is using an Agile software development approach. Which
of the following should the IS auditor expect to find?

Use of a process-based maturity model such as the capability maturity model (CMM)

Regular monitoring of task-level progress against schedule

Extensive use of software development tools to maximize team productivity

Postiteration reviews that identify lessons learned for future use in the project

A key tenet of the Agile approach to software project management is team learning and the use of
team learning to refine project management and software development processes as the project
progresses. One of the best ways to achieve this is that, atthe end of each iteration, the team
considers and documents what worked well and what could have worked better, and identifies
improvements to be implemented in subsequent iterations. CMM and Agile really sit at opposite
poles. CMM places heavy emphasis on predefined formal processes and formal project
management and software development deliverables. Agile projects, by contrast, rely on
refinement of process as dictated by the particular needs of the project and team dynamics.

Additionally, less importance is placed on formal paper- based deliverables, with the preference
being effective informal communication within the team and with key outside contributors. Agile
projects produce releasable software in short iterations, typically ranging from 4 to 8 weeks. This,
in itself, instills considerable performance discipline within the team. This, combined with short daily
meetings to agree on what the team is doing and the identification of any impediments, renders
task-level tracking against a schedule redundant. Agile projects do make use of suitable
development tools; however, tools are not seen as the primary means of achieving productivity.
Team harmony, effective communications and collective ability to solve challenges are of

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