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Which of the following would be BEST prevented by a raised floor in the computer machine room?

Damage of wires around computers and servers

A power failure from static electricity

Shocks from earthquakes

Water flood damage.

The primary reason for having a raised floor is to enable power cables and data cables to be
installed underneath the floor. This eliminates the safety and damage risks posed when cables are
placed in a spaghetti-like fashion on an open floor. Staticelectricity should be avoided in the
machine room; therefore, measures such as specially manufactured carpet or shoes would be more
appropriate for static prevention than a raised floor. Raised floors do not address shocks from
earthquakes. To address earthquakes, anti-seismic architecture would be required to establish a
quake-resistant structural framework. Computer equipment needs to be protected against water.
However, a raised floor would not prevent damage to the machines in the event of overhead water

pipe leakage.

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