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Which of the following would be the MOST secure firewall system?

Screened-host firewall

Screened-subnet firewall

Dual-homed firewall

Stateful-inspection firewall

A screened-subnet firewall, also used as a demilitarized zone (DMZ), utilizes two packet filtering
routers and a bastion host. This provides the most secure firewall system, since it supports both
network- and application-level security while defining a separate DMZ network. A screened-host
firewall utilizes a packet filtering router and a bastion host. This approach implements basic network
layer security (packet filtering) and application server security (proxy services). A dual-homed
firewall system is a more restrictive form of a screened-host firewall system, configuring one
interface for information servers and another for private network host computers. A statefulinspection firewall working at the transport layer keeps track of thedestination IP address of each
packet that leaves the organization’s internal network and allows a reply from the recorded IP

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