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An IS auditor inspected a windowless room containing phone switching and networking equipment
and documentation binders. The room was equipped with two handheld fire extinguishers-one filled
with CO2, the other filled with halon. Which ofthe following should be given the HIGHEST priority
in the auditor’s report?

The halon extinguisher should be removed because halon has a negative impact on the atmospheric
ozone layer.

Both fire suppression systems present a risk of suffocation when used in a closed room.

The CO2 extinguisher should be removed, because CO2 is ineffective for suppressing fires involving
solid combustibles (paper).

The documentation binders should be removed from the equipment room to reduce potential risks.

Protecting people’s lives should always be of highest priority in fire suppression activities. COz and
halon both reduce the oxygen ratio in the atmosphere, which can induce serious personal hazards,
in many countries installing or refilling halon fire suppression systems is not allowed. Although COz
and halon are effective and appropriate for fires involving synthetic combustibles and electrical
equipment, they are nearly totally ineffective on solid combustibles (wood andpaper). Although not
of highest priority, removal of the documentation would probably reduce some of the risks.

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