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While designing the business continuity plan (BCP) for an airline reservation system, the MOST
appropriate method of data transfer/backup at an offsite location would be:

shadow file processing.

electronic vaulting.

hard-disk mirroring.

hot-site provisioning.

In shadow file processing, exact duplicates of the files are maintained at the same site or at a
remote site. The two files are processed concurrently. This is used for critical data files, such as
airline booking systems. Electronic vaulting electronically transmits data either to direct access
storage, an optical disc or another storage medium; this is a method used by banks. Hard-disk
mirroring provides redundancy in case the primary hard disk fails. All transactions and operations
occur on two hard disks in the same server. A hot site is an alternate site ready to take over
business operations within a few hours of any business interruption and is not a method for backing
up data.

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