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What command will compile the Linux kernel and leave a file in arch/i386/boot called bzImage?

make bzImage

make compile

make Image

make bzdisk

After depending and cleaning, you may now `make bzImage’ or `make bzdisk’ (this is the part that
takes a long time.). `make bzImage’ will compile the kernel, and leave a file in arch/i386/boot
called `bzImage’ (among other things). This is the new compressed kernel. `make bzdisk’ does the
same thing, but also places the new bzImage on a floppy disk which you hopefully put in drive
“A:”. `bzdisk’ is fairly handy for testing new kernels; if it bombs (or just doesn’t work right), just
remove the floppy and boot with your old kernel. It can also be a handy way to boot if you
accidentally remove your kernel (or something equally as dreadful).

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