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What command would cause a print job to be printed next regardless of its current position in the

lpc topq

lpc -t

lpq -t

lpc move

lpq –next

The lpc command is used to examine and control the print server operation. The lpc status
command displays the administrative status of a print queue. The lpd program caches status and
job information in order to improve performance. The lpc flush command will flush the cached
information and cause the server to regenerate it. The lpc enable and lpc disable commands
enable or disable spooling to the print queue, and the lpc stop and lpc start commands stop and
start printing (or transfers) of jobs in the print queue. The lpc topq command can be used to put a
job (or jobs) at the head of the spool queue. This command is very useful when some job requires
priority service. You can select the job by using the job number or the job ID.

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