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You work as the Project Manager for Inc. You are using Microsoft Project Web Access to manage your project teams. You would like to create a resource that serves as a model resource for an upcoming electric project. You want the resource to be a “dummy” resource that emulates electricians in the project. You do not want the dummy resource tied to a real account. What attribute must you assign to this resource type?

You can create a resource and set it to offline status, so that it is not used in any project.

You can create the resource and mark yourself as the resource owner, so that no other project manager can use the resource.

You can create the resource and set the resource type to private, so that it is only for your project.

You can create the resource and mark the resource as generic.

Generic resources, or dummy resources, are used to specify the staffing requirements for a project based on the type of skill set needed for assignments. Answer option A is incorrect. There is not an offline status for resources. Answer option C is incorrect. There is not a private resource setting. Answer option B is incorrect. This is not a valid answer for this question; marking yourself as the resource owner is not a valid option.
What are generic resources?
Generic resources represent skill sets rather than specific people. By assigning generic resources to tasks, a user can estimate how many resources he needs of each skill set for each time period of a project. Later, generic resources can be replaced with specific resources.

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