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Your network contains a System Center 2012 Configuration Manager environment.
You create a report that lists compliance information.
You schedule the report to run every day at 20:00.
You need to ensure that on Friday, you can review the results of the report created on the previous
What should you configure the report to do?

Use caching.

Use a shared schedule.

Render on Friday.

Use snapshots.

Creating, Modifying, and Deleting Snapshots in Report History
Report history is a collection of report snapshots. You can maintain report history by adding and
deleting snapshots, or by modifying properties that affect report history storage. You can create
report history manually or on a schedule.
Further information:
Cache a Report (Report Manager)

One way to improve performance is to configure caching properties for a report. When a report is
cached, a copy of the rendered report is saved for a short period of time. The first user who requests
the report must wait for all processing to complete before viewing the report. Subsequent users
who request the report within the caching period can view it right away because processing has
already occurred.

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