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You are the virtualization administrator for an organization. The organization uses all components of System
Center 2012 R2 in the production environment. A power supply in a Hyper-v host server fails. The host server
continues to run and host virtual machines in this degraded state.
You have the following requirements:
Move virtual machines from host servers that are running in a degraded state to another host server.
Prevent placement of new virtual machines on degraded host servers.You need to configure the environment.
Which System Center feature should you implement?

Dynamic Optimization

Performance and Resource Optimization (PRO)

Shared VHDX files

Placement Rules

What is Performance and Resource Optimization (PRO)?
PRO helps ensure that virtual machine hosts and virtual machines are operating in the most efficient possible
manner. PRO generates recommendations for remedial actions based on alerts that Operations Manager
You can configure PRO to implement the preconfigured corrective actions automatically.

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