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You are using Hybrid Columnar Compression for a table stored in a tablespace that is contained in
an Exadata-based ASM diskgroup. Identify three statements that correctly explain where the
compression and decompression can be done.

Decompression can be done on the database servers.

Compression can be done on the Exadata storage servers.

Compression can be done on the database servers.

Decompression can be done on the Exadata storage servers.

*Exadata storage provides an advanced compression technology, Hybrid Columnar Compression,
that typically provides 10x, and higher, levels of data compression.
*The Exadata Storage Server (Exadata storage or Exadata cells) is used as
the storage for the Oracle Database in the Database Machine. It runs the Exadata Storage Server
Software that provides the unique and powerful Exadata technology including Smart Scan, Smart
Flash Cache, Smart Flash Logging, IO Resource Manager, Storage Indexes and Hybrid Columnar
A, D:

/Queries run directly on Hybrid Columnar Compressed data does
not require the data to be decompressed
/Data that is required to satisfy a query predicate does not need
to be decompressed; only the columns and rows being returned
to the client are decompressed in memory
/The decompression process typically takes place on the Oracle
Exadata Storage Server in order to maximize performance and
offload processing from the database server.

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