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Which two may act as building blocks for the creation of two or more griddisks residing on the
same physical device and which have more balanced performance characteristics?

griddisk on hard drive-based intervleaved celldisks.

griddisk on hard drive-based celldisks consumed by ASM when creating diskgroups using
ASM-based intelligent Data Placement (IDP)

griddisk on hard drive-based non-interleaved celldisks.

griddisk on Flash-base celldisks.

A (not C):Interleaved Griddisks mean equally fast Griddisks, whereas with non
Interleaved Griddisks (the default) the Griddisks created first are being taken from the outer tracks
of the underlying physical disk.
B:Intelligent Data Placement, a feature of ASM that allows placing data in such a way that more
frequently accessed data is located close to the periphery of the disk where the access is faster.

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