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Identity the resource bottleneck for which QoS Management can generate recommendation?

CPU resource bottlenecks

Global Cache resource bottlenecks

I/O resource bottlenecks

Network resource bottlenecks

*Oracle Exadata QoS Management provides the following benefits:
• Reduces the time and expertise requirements for system administrators who manage Oracle
Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) resources
• Helps reduce the number of performance outages
• Reduces the time needed to resolve problems that limit or decrease the performance of your
• Provides stability to the system as the workloads change
• Makes the addition or removal of servers transparent to applications
• Reduces the impact on the system caused by server failures
• Helps ensure that service-level agreements (SLAs) are met
• Enables more effective sharing of hardware resources
• Protects existing workloads from over committed memory-induced server failures
• Exadata Storage Virtualization
• Exadata provides a rich set of sophisticated and powerful storage management virtualization
capabilities that leverage the strengths of the Oracle Database, the Exadata software, and
Exadata hardware.
*When QoS Management is enabled, individual Exadata nodes are protected from
memory related failures. The Memory Guard features tracks real-time memory use
and should it detect a node has over-committed memory, will prevent new database
requests from being sent until the current load is relieved

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