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Which three statements are true regarding the configuration of Auto Service Request (ASR) on
your Database Machine?

HTTPS connectivity must be enabled from the ASK Manager host to the internet.

ASR Manager must be installed on one of the database servers.

Oracle Solaris must be used on the server where ASK Manager is installed.

SMTP must be enabled on at least one database server.

Oracle Linux must be used on the server where ASR Manager is installed

ASRManager may be installed on any type of server running Oracle Linux.

ASRManager may be installed on any type of server running Oracle Solaris.

A:Before installing ASR, please ensure the following conditions are met:
/ (A)Ensure connectivity to the Internet using HTTPS.
/Make sure you have access to My Oracle Support and that your contact information is correct and
/Make sure all of your assets have a Contact assigned and that the contact is correct and current.
/Identify and designate a system to serve as ASR Manager.
/Identify and verify ASR assets.
F, G (not C, not E, not B):The recommended configuration is to install the ASR Manager, which
receives fault telemetry information from the servers in Oracle Exadata Database Machine, on an
external standalone server. This server must run Solaris or Linux as the operating system.
Reference: OracleAuto Service Request Exadata Database Machine Quick Installation Guide

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