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You plan to migrate your Oracle Version database to your Exadata Database Machine.
The database supports an online transaction processing (OLTP) workload and is currently hosted
on a Little Endian platform
Which two are the supported and appropriate migration methods to minimize downtime?

Upgrade source database to 11.2.0 and migrate using a physical standby database.

Migrate using Data Pump.

Migrate using GoldenGate.

Migrate using cross platform Transportable Database.

Migrate using ASM online migration.

B:Oracle Data Pump can be used to migrate an Oracle database to a new platform,
and to move
from an older release of the database to a newer release. Using Oracle Data Pump to move an
E-Business Suite database is a well-documented and tested procedure, and can be used to
your database to the Oracle Exadata Database Machine and upgrade it to Oracle Database 11g
release 2 (11.2) in the same exercise
Reference:Migrating the Oracle E-Business Suite Database to Oracle Exadata Database Machine
UsingTransportable Tablespaces
Reference:Migrating Oracle E-Business Suite to Oracle Exadata Database Machine Using Oracle
Data Pump

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