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Which two are true about the use of the Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM) on the Database

ILOM can be used to power-on the Cisco switch.

ILOM can be used to power on the InfiniBand switches.

ILOM can be used to power-on the database servers.

ILOM generates hardware alerts for the power distribution units.

ILOM provides a remote console for the storage servers.

B:How to monitor the bandwidth of Exadata Infiniband Switch?
There are two ways, the simplest method is to use the Fabric Monitor (ILOM Web Interface), and
the other way is just to use SNMP request.
*The Oracle ILOM Remote Console is supported on all Oracle Sun x86 processor-based servers.
It is also supported on some SPARC processor-based servers. The Oracle ILOM Remote Console

is a Java application that you can launch from the Oracle ILOM web interface
*Remote Management: Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM) Ethernet port

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