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You are checking the status of the ports on the one of the InfiniBand switches in your Database
You have run the getportstatus as shown:

You have 36 ports to check.
Which two methods would you use to check the status of all 36 ports?

Use Enterprise Manager.

Use the script logged into the InfiniBand switch as root.

Use Database Control.

Create user-defined metrics for the InfiniBand switch.

Explanation: -rR -s LinkDowned,RcvSwRelayErrors,XmtDiscards,XmtWait -s
, ExcBufOverrunErrors,VL15Dropped
— A single invocation of this command will report on all switch ports on all switches. Run this
check from a database server or a switch.
*Switch Port Configuration Monitor
This metric is mainly used for monitoring the connectivity of ports and raising alerts when there is
a disconnection.

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