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You have created a resource plan, PROD_DB_PLAN, that uses the RATIO policy. The
following consumer groups and their respective plan directives have been assigned to this
resource plan:
Consumer group HIGH_CG with CPU_P1 as 10.
Consumer group MEDIUM_CG with CPU_P1 as 5.
Consumer group LOW_CG with CPU_P1 as 2.
Consumer group OTHER_GROUPS with CPU_P1 as 1.
Which statement is correct in this scenario?

The CPU allocation would be equal between the HIGH_CG and MEDIUM_CG consumer
groups if there are no sessions existing for the LOW_CG and OTHER_GROUPS consumer

The members of the HIGH_CG consumer group would get 10% of the CPU.

The plan PROD_DB_PLAN can have subplans.

The CPU allocation for the consumer groups would be based on the ratio defined for the

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