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In the server parameter file (SPFILE), the UNDO_TABLESPACE initialization parameter is
set to UNDOTBS. You executed the following SQL statement to rename the UNDOTBS
undo tablespace:
ALTER TABLESPACE undotbs RENAME TO undotbs_old;
Which statement is correct in this scenario?

Thetablespace will be renamed but a message will be added to the alert log file indicating
that you should change the corresponding initialization parameter files.

Thetablespace will be renamed and all the changes will be logged in the alert log file.

The above SQL statement will fail because you cannot rename an undotablespace.

Thetablespace will be renamed but the data file headers will not be updated.

To be able to rename the UNDOTBS undotablespace, you would need to set the
UNDO_TABLESPACE initialization parameter to some other tablespace name and then
execute the above SQL command.


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