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View the Exhibit and examine the description of the EMPLOYEES table.

Your company wants to give 5% bonus to all the employees on their annual salary. The SALARY column stores the monthly salary for an employee. To check the total for annual salary and bonus amount for each employee, you issued the following SQL statement:

SELECT first_name, salary, salary*12+salary*12*.05 “ANNUAL SALARY + BONUS” FROM employees;

Which statement is true regarding the above query?

It would execute and give you the desired output.

It would not execute because the AS keyword is missing between the column name and the alias.

It would not execute because double quotation marks are used instead of single quotation marks for assigning alias for the third column.

It would execute but the result for the third column would be inaccurate because the parentheses for overriding the precedence of the operator are missing.

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