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In your test database:
You are using Recovery Manager (RMAN) to perform incremental backups of your test database
The test database is running in NOARCHIVELOG mode
One of the data files is corrupted
All online redo log files are lost because of a media failure
Which option must you consider in this scenario?

Configuring the database in ARCHVIELOG mode and then using incremental backup to recover the

Using incremental backup to recover the damaged data file and then manually creating the online redo log

Creating a new test database because the database is not recoverable due to the fact that the database is
configured in NOARCHIVELOG mode

Using incremental backups to recover the database by using the RECOVER DATABASE NOREDO
command and then using the RESETLOGS option to open the database.

Example 3-6 Recovering a NOARCHIVELOG Database
You can perform limited recovery of changes to a database running in NOARCHIVELOG mode by applying
incremental backups. The incremental backups must be consistent, like all backups of a database run in
NOARCHIVELOG mode, so you cannot back up the database when it is open.
Assume that you run database prod in NOARCHIVELOG mode with a recovery catalog. You shut down the
database consistently and make a level 0 backup of database prod to tape on Sunday afternoon. You shut
down the database consistently and make a level 1 differential incremental backup to tape at 3:00 a.m. on
Wednesday and Friday.
On Saturday, a media failure destroys half the data files and the online redo logs. Because the online logs are
lost, you must specify the NOREDO option in the RECOVER command. Otherwise, RMAN searches for the
redo logs after applying the Friday incremental backup and issues an error message when it does not findthem.
After connecting RMAN to prod and the catalog database, recover as follows:
RESTORE CONTROLFILE; # restore control file from consistent backup
RESTORE DATABASE; # restore data files from consistent backup
RECOVER DATABASE NOREDO; # specify NOREDO because online redo logs are lost
The recovered database reflects only changes up through the time of the Friday incremental backup. Because
there are no archived redo log files, there is no way to recover changes made after the incremental backup.

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