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You are peer reviewing a fellow DBAs backup plan for his NOARCHIVELOG mode database, as shown here:
1. Put the tablespaces in backup mode.
2. Back up the datafiles for all tablespaces.
3. Take the tablespaces out of backup mode.
4. Back up all archived redo logs.
Your colleague asks for you to comment on his plan. Which response would be correct?

The plan will work as is.

The plan needs to be modified to allow for an archive-log switch after step 3.

The plan needs to be modified so that a backup of the archived redo logs occurs before step 1.

The plan needs to be adjusted to shut down the database after step 1 and to restart the database after step 2.

The plan cannot work as presented.

Without command ALTER SYSTEM SWITCH LOGFILE, the backup of archive redo logs will be useless.

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