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Examine the following command that is executed for the TRANSPORT table in the SH schema:
SQL> SELECT DBMS_STATS.CREATE_EXTENDED_STATS(‘sh’, ‘customers_obe’, ‘(country_id,
cust_state_province)’) FROM dual;
Which statement describes the significance of this command?

It collects statistics into the pending area in the data dictionary.

It creates a virtual hidden column in the CUSTOMERS_OBE table.

It collects statistics with AUTO_SAMPLE_SIZE for ESTIMATE_PERCENT.

It creates a histogram to hold skewed information about the data in the columns.

Creates a virtual column for a user specified column group or an expression in a table
This function creates a column statistics entry in the system for a user specified column group or an expressionin a table. Statistics for this extension will be gathered when user or auto statistics gathering job gathers
statistics for the table. We call statistics for such an extension, “extended statistics”. This function returns the
name of this newly created entry for the extension.

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