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Oracle Grid Infrastructure for a stand-alone server is installed on your production host before installing the
Oracle Database server. The database and listener are configured by using Oracle Restart.
Examine the following command and its output:
$ crsctl config has
CRS-4622: Oracle High Availability Services auto start is enabled.What does this imply?

When you start an instance on a high with SQL *Plus dependent listeners and ASM disk groups are
automatically started.

When a database instance is started by using the SRVCTL utility and listener startup fails, the instance is
still started.

When a database is created by using SQL* Plus, it is automatically added to the Oracle Restart

When you create a database service by modifying the SERVICE_NAMES initialization parameter, it is
automatically added to the Oracle Restart configuration.

About Startup Dependencies
Oracle Restart ensures that Oracle components are started in the proper order, in accordance with component
dependencies. For example, if database files are stored in Oracle ASM disk groups, then before starting the
database instance, Oracle Restart ensures that the Oracle ASM instance is started and the required disk
groups are mounted. Likewise, if a component must be shut down, Oracle Restart ensures that dependent
components are cleanly shut down first.
Oracle Restart also manages the weak dependency between database instances and the Oracle Net listener
(the listener): When a database instance is started, Oracle Restart attempts to start the listener. If the listener
startup fails, then the database is still started. If the listener later fails, Oracle Restart does not shut down and
restart any database instances.

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