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Examine the command to perform a data pump export operation on a source database:
$> expdp hr/hr DIRECTORY=dumpdir DUMPFILE=emp1.dmp VIEWS_AS_TABLE=emp_dept
On the target database, you execute the data pump import command:
$> impdp hr/hr DIRECTORY=dumpdir DUMPFILE=emp1.dmp VIEWS_AS_TABLE=emp_dept
Which three statements are true? (Choose three.)

The expdp operation exports data that satisfies the condition of the defining query used to create the
EMP_DEPT view.

The impdp operation creates the view and dependent objects.

All rows from the dependent objects, along with the metadata required to create the EMP_DEPT view, are

Objects dependent on the EMP_DEPT view are exported.

The impdp operation creates EMP_DEPT as table and populates it with the data from the export dump file.

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