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You must configure an Oracle Data Guard environment consisting of:
1. A primary database
2. Three Physical Standby Databases
You must meet these requirements:
1. A designated physical standby database should become the primary database automatically whenever the
primary database falls.
2. The chosen protection mode should provide the highest level of protection possible without violating the
other requirement.
Which redo transport mode and protection mode would you configure to meet these requirements?

SYNC NOAFFRIM and Maximum Protection

SYNC NOAFFIRM and Maximum Availability

ASYNC and Maximum Performance

SYNC AFFIRM and Maximum Availability

SYNC AFFIRM and Maximum Protection

The Maximum Availability protection mode provides the highest level of data protection that is possible without
compromising the availability of a primary database.
When a transport is performed using SYNC/AFFIRM, the primary performs write operations and waits for
acknowledgment that the redo has been transmitted synchronously to the physical standby and written to disk.
A SYNC/AFFIRM transport provides an additional protection benefit at the expense of a performance impact
caused by the time required to complete the I/O to the standby redo log.
Incorrect Answers:
B: When a transport is performed using SYNC/NOAFFIRM, the primary performs write operations and waits
only for acknowledgement that the data has been received on the standby, not that it has been written to disk.
The SYNC/NOAFFIRM transport can provide a performance benefit at the expense of potential exposure to
data loss in a special case of multiple simultaneous failures.

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