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Examine the Fast-start configuration:
DGMGRL> show fast_start failover;
Fast-Start Failover: ENABLED
Threshold : 30 seconds
Target: sheep
Observer :
Lag Limit: 30 seconds (not in use)
Shutdown Primary: TRUE
Auto-reinstate: TRUE
Observer Reconnect: (none)
Observer Override: FALSE
Configurable Failover Conditions
Health Conditions:
Corrupted Controlfile YES
Corrupted Dictionary YES
Inaccessible Logfile NO
Stuck Archiver YES
Datafile Offline YESOracle Error Conditions:
Which three are true?

The observer will initiate a failover when the primary database is unable to produce local archived redo log

An automatic failover will be initiated even if the target standby database lags behind the primary.

The observer is running.

A failover may occur if the observer has lost connectivity to the primary database, even if the Fast-Start
Failover target standby database has a good connection to the primary database.

The configuration operates in Maximum Availability mode.

The configuration operates in Maximum Performance mode.

A: Stuck Archiver: YES
Archiver is unable to archive a redo log because the device is full or unavailable.
C: Observer :
E: The FastStartFailoverLagLimit configuration property is only used by the broker when enabling fast-start
failover for configurations operating in maximum performance mode.

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