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You are administering a multitenant container database (CDB) cdb1 that is running in archivelog mode and contains pluggable databases (PDBs), pdb_i and pdb_2.
While opening pdb_1, you get an error:
SQL> alter pluggable database pdb_1 open;
ORA-01110:data file 11:’/u01/app/oracle/oradata/cdb1/pcb_1/example01.dbf’
To repair the failure, you open an RMAN session for the target database CDBSROOT. You execute the following as the first command:
Which statement describes the consequence of the command?

A. The command performs the recovery and closes the failure.

B. The command produces an error because RMAN is not connected to the target database pdb_1.

C. The command produces an error because the advise failure command was not executed before the REPAIRFAILUER command.

D. The command executes successfully, performs recovery, and opens PDB_1.


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