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Which three statements are true about unplugging a pluggable database (PDB)?

A. The PDB must be open in read only mode.

B. The PDB must be dosed.

C. The unplugged PDB becomes a non-CDB.

D. The unplugged PDB can be plugged into the same multitenant container database (CDB)

E. The unplugged PDB can be plugged into another CDB.

F. The PDB data files are automatically removed from disk.

B, not A: The PDB must be closed before unplugging it.
D: An unplugged PDB contains data dictionary tables, and some of the columns in these encode information in an endianness-sensitive way. There is no supported
way to handle the conversion of such columns automatically. This means, quite simply, that an unplugged PDB cannot be moved across an endianness difference.
E (not F): To exploit the new unplug/plug paradigm for patching the Oracle version most effectively, the source and destination CDBs should share a filesystem so
that the PDB’s datafiles can remain in place.

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