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Examine the commands executed to monitor database operations:
$> conn sys/oracle@prod as sysdba
Which two statements are true?

A. Database operations will be monitored only when they consume a significant amount of resource.

B. Database operations for all sessions will be monitored.

C. Database operations will be monitored only if the STATISTICS_LEVEL parameter is set to TYPICAL and CONTROL_MANAGEMENT_PACK_ACCESS is set

D. Only DML and DDL statements will be monitored for the session.

E. All subsequent statements in the session will be treated as one database operation and will be monitored.

C: Setting the CONTROL_MANAGEMENT_PACK_ACCESS initialization parameter to DIAGNOSTIC+TUNING (default) enables monitoring of database
operations. Real-Time SQL Monitoring is a feature of the Oracle Database Tuning Pack.
* The DBMS_SQL_MONITOR package provides information about Real-time SQL Monitoring and Real-time Database Operation Monitoring.
*(not B) BEGIN_OPERATION Function starts a composite database operation in the current session.
/ (E) FORCE_TRACKING – forces the composite database operation to be tracked when the operation starts. You can also use the string variable ‘Y’.
/ (not A) NO_FORCE_TRACKING – the operation will be tracked only when it has consumed at least 5 seconds of CPU or I/O time. You can also use the string
variable ‘N’.

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