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Examine the command and its output:
SQL> SELECT object_name AS recycle_name, original_name, type FROM recyclebin;
binsgk31sj/3akk5hg3j21kl5j3d==$0EMPLOYEE TABLE
You then successfully execute the command:
SQL> FLASHBACK TABLE "BINSgk31sj/3akk5hg3j21kl5j3d==$0" TO BEFORE DROP;
Which two statements are true?

A. It flashes back the employee table and all the constraints associated with the table.

B. It automatically flashes back all the indexes on the employes table.

C. It automatically flashes back any triggers defined on the table.

D. It flashes back only the structure of the table and not the data.

E. It flashes back the data from the recycle bin and the existing data in the original table is permanently lost.


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