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Which statement best describes the record Image that an Extract process stores in the GoldenGate trail by default?

The new value for updated fields; the primary key for deleted rows; the after-Image for inserts

An image of the contents of the record after the insert, update or delete operation

An after image for inserts and a before image for updates and deletes

An after image for Inserts and updates and a before image for deletes

An after image for inserts and updates and a before image for deletes.
According to these guides:
1., page 190,
GETUPDATEAFTERS/IGNOREUPDATEBEFORES are the DEFAULT values of the parameters which control whether or not the after/before images of updated
records are included in the records processed by GoldenGate.
2. Oracle GG Fundamentals Student Guide, Version 10.4, page 113, Extract Parameters,
Extract Parameter Defaults slide
… Only after-image of update

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