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You have configured and added the extract and Replicate tasks using the direct load method what do you need to do to get the processes up and running?

Start the Extract task.

Start the Extract task and then start the Replicat task.

Start the Extract task; wait for it to stop and than start the Replicate task.

Start the Replicate task

In reference guide, page 279, “Use the RMTTASK parameter for an initial-load Extract to initiate a Replicat processing task during a GoldenGate direct load or a
direct bulk load to SQL*Loader. RMTTASK directs Extract to communicate directly with Replicat over TCP/IP and bypasses the use of a
Collector process or disk storage. RMTTASK also directs Extract to request that Manager
start Replicat automatically, and then stop Replicat when the run is finished. “

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