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Which three statements are true?

One share can have multiple protocol access to its data

The identity mapping feature can manage Windows and UNIX user Identities simultaneously on
the same share.

All shares within one project can share common settings.

Snapshot and Replication can be done at the share level only.

One of the share properties that protects the share against accidental deletion of the share is
“read only.”


A:AShareis aZFSfilesystem shared using data protocols
C:Shares can be grouped into projectsfor common administrative purposes, including
space management and common settings.
A project defines a common administrativecontrol point for managing shares. All shares within a
project can share common settings, andquotas can be enforced at the project level in addition to
the share level.
E: Share property Types Read Only:These properties represent statistics about the project and
share and cannot bechanged. The most common properties of this type are space usage

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