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Which two statements regarding thin provisioning are true?

The property for thin provisioned may only be set on a LUN

The property for thin provisioned may be set on a share or LUN

A LUN that is thinly provisioned will only represent to the host the physical amount of space

A thinly provisioned LUN will represent to the host the defined LUN size, and not the actual
physical space used

Thin provisioned
Controls whether space is reserved for the volume. This property is only valid for LUNs.
By default, a LUN reserves exactly enough space to completelyfill the volume. This ensures that
clients will not get out-of-space errors at inopportune times. This property allows the volume
size to exceed the amount of available space. When set, the LUN will consume only the space
that has been written to the LUN. While this allows for thin provisioning of LUNs, most
ilesystems do not expect to get”out of space”from underlying devices, and if the share runs out
of space, it may cause instability and/or data corruption on clients.
When not set, the volume size behaves like a reservation excluding snapshots. It therefore has
the same pathologies, including failure to take snapshots if the snapshot could theoretically
diverge to the point of exceeding the amount of available space
Sun ZFS Storage 7000 System Administration Guide, Thin provisioned

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