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You are building a web application with a scheduling component. On the JSP, you need to show the current date, the date of the previous week, and the date of the
next week.
To help you present this information, you have created the following EL functions in the `d’ namespace:
· Name : curData; signature: java.util.utilDate CurrentDate() · Name : curData; signature: java.util.utilDate addweek (java.util.Date, int)
· Name: dateString; signature: java.util.String getDataString (jave.util.Data)
Which EL code snippet will generate the string for the previous week?

${d:dateString(affWeek(curDate(), -1)) }

${d:dateString [addWeek[curDate[], – ]] }

${d:dateString [d:addWeek[d:curDate[], – 1]] }

${d:dateString (d:addWeek(d:curDate(), -1)) }

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