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Given a war file with the following structure
| – WEB-INF/classes/Myservlet.class
| – WEB-INF/lib/wf.jaf
Where wf.jar contains a valid web-fragment.xml and the following two classes: MyFilter1.class and MyFiler2.class.
The web-fragment.xml is as follows:

5a203191d9f8b - which filters will be executed?

The following are some code snippets:

5a203191e407d - which filters will be executed?

When one access “/” of the above web application, which filters will be executed?

No filters will be executed.



MyFilter1 and MyFilter2

* <filter-mapping>
This tag specifies a filter name, and either a URL mapping or servlet name, for a filter that has been defined with the <filter> tag.
Multiple <filter-mapping> tags can be specified for a single <filter>, providing different URL patterns. See the <url-pattern> tag for examples.
The <filter-mapping> has two required elements:
<filter-name> – the filter name, as specified in the <filter-name> element of the <filter> tag Either a <url-pattern> or a <servlet-name>.
If a servlet name is specified, the filter will be called whenever the specific servlet is called.

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