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All of your JSPs need to have a link that permits users to email the web master. This web application is licensed to many small businesses, each of which have a
different email address for the web master. You have decided to use a context parameter that you specify in the deployment descriptor, like this:
42. <context-param>
43. <param-name>webmasterEmail</param-name>
44. <param-value></param-value>
45. </context-param>
Which JSP code snippet creates this email link?

<a href=`mailto:${contextParam.webmaterEmail}’>contact us</a>

<a href=`mailto:${applicationScope.webmaterEmail}’>contact us</a>

<a href=`mailto:${contextInitParam.webmaterEmail}’>contact us</a>

<a href=`mailto:${initParam.webmaterEmail}’>contact us</a>

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