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Exam VCAC510: VMware CertifiedAssociate–Cloud (VCA-Cloud) (update November 25th, 2015)

What do you tell her?

You have Site Recovery Manager (SRM) in place to protect critical vCloud servers in theevent of a disaster. Over lunch, a manager asks you why SRM is configured to protect onlythe vCloud servers and not the actual department workload VMs. What do you tell her? A. The workload VMs are on fenced networks, which can’t …

which type of workload?

An administrator is considering a private cloud solution. The existing environment contains anumber of print servers and a systems monitoring server. These applications areconsidered which type of workload? A. Elastic B. Infrastructure C. Transient D. Management Show Answer

which of the following features?

Your manager is concerned that, even in the cloud, provisioning hundreds or thousands ofVMs will result in a lot of redundant storage use. You explain that you can minimize the useof redundant storage with vCloud by making use of which of the following features? A. Storage DRS B. Snapshots C. Fast Provisioning D. Templates Show …