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Exam 200-530: Zend PHP 5.3 Certification

How many cookies will be set by this script?

A script residing at contains the following code:<code>1 <?php2 setcookie(‘name1’, ‘value1’, time() + 60*60*24, ‘/’);3 setcookie(‘name1’, ‘value2’);4 ?></code> The web browser is configured to accept all cookies. How many cookies will be set by this script? A.0 B.1 C.2 D.3 Show Answer

What would you do?

You’d like to use the class MyDBConnection that’s defined in theMyGreatFrarneworkGreafDatabaseAbstractionLayer namespace, but you want to minimize *asmuch as possible* the length of the class name you have to type. What would you do? A.Import the MyGreatFramework namespace B.Import the MyGreatFrarneworkGreafDatabaseAbstractionLayer namespace C.Alias MyGreatFrarneworkGreafDatabaseAbstractionLayerMyDBConnection to a shorter name D.Alias MyGreatFrarneworkGreafDatabaseAbstractionLayer to a shorter name Explanation:This …